Finca Los Rodriguez

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This single-estate microlot was produced by the Rodriguez family in the Caranavi region of Bolivia. Pedro and his children, Daniela and Pedro Pablo, set up the farm in 2012, which sits on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains (at an elevation of approximately 1550 M.A.S.L) and identified that the terroir was ideal for growing Java. They use the farm both to produce exceptionally sweet and vibrant coffees and as a “model farm to demonstrate to local producers what can be achieved with meticulous farming practices (from careful pruning and constant replenishment of nutrients in the soil to selective harvesting). This stunning coffee is one example - it delivers a jammy body and ripe cherry notes, reminding us of blackforest gateau.

Finca Los Rodriguez

While Pedro has been working in the coffee industry since 1986 (having begun as a coffee trader), it was only in 2012 that his family began setting up their own small farms (they now own 12) under the name Fincas Los Rodriguez.  We had the opportunity to visit the Rodriguez family last September and see first-hand their meticulously organised farms and pristine wet and dry mills. Every step of the process was executed to the highest standard – from impeccable nurseries to continual cupping and grading of every coffee in their beautiful coffee lab. They also work with an oenologist (a specialist in wine production) to continually refine their fermentation processes.

Pedro and his children are dedicated to elevating Bolivian coffee and they are unwavering in this pursuit. To this end, they also run a training program in the region (called the Sol de la Mañana Project) to educate local producers on best farming practices and support them to increase the quality and volume of their own coffee harvests.

Production process

This coffee is processed as a natural coffee. In order to ensure a fruity and intense flavour profile, without over-fermentation, mould or other defects, the family conducts a meticulous production process. The cherries are selectively harvested to ensure that only cherries of the ideal ripeness (i.e., the ideal sugar content) are picked. The cherries are added to a tank filled with fresh water, which removes dust and debris. Any under ripe (i.e., lesser dense) cherries float to the surface, where they can be skimmed off. The remaining cherries are laid on raised beds, where they undergo a controlled and precise slow-drying process for approximately 14 days. Once the coffee reaches the desired moisture level, it is sent to the dry mill built by the Rodriguez family for milling and grading, ensuring consistent quality.

Our relationship

This is our first year working with the Rodriguez family, and this Java is one of two lots that we purchased. It was harvested in August 2023 and landed in the UK in December 2023.

After sampling the coffee while in Bolivia, we agreed the Free on Board price with the Rodriguez family (that is, the price of the green coffee delivered to the port of Arica in Chile). We paid the Rodriguez family directly for the coffee, with the support of Monmouth Coffee Roasters (who were also importing coffee from the family).  Monmouth also supported us to ship the coffee to the UK.

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