Raul Flores

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By dedicating his farm, Finca Productiva, to the production of Yellow Caturra, Raul has developed a deep understanding of how to get the most out of this juicy varietal. The talent and hard work of Raul and his family, harnessing the distinct climate and altitude of the San José de Lourdes district, has resulted in a bright and bright and clean cup with juicy sweetness, reminding us of tropical fruit punch.

Raul's story

Raul began working in coffee as a coffee picker in El Diamante. He and his wife were later gifted a small coffee farm from her father, sitting up at 1800-1900 M.A.S.L. Its isolated location presents some challenges – it is accessible only by foot and parts of the narrow path to the road require Raul to transport the coffee sacks on his back. This is the first year we have purchased coffee from Raul and we have had productive conversations together about how we can work together in the long-term, including how to support him to access a stable market for his coffee.

Raul’s family has a close history with the area. Raul’s father was one of the four founders of the town of El Diamante – during the agrarian reform in Peru in the 1970s (which dismantled the large estates with the aim of redistributing the land), they chose the plot of land and began building the town from scratch. Raul’s father was a key campaigner for the government to recognise El Diamante, supply it with electricity and build a school and medical facilities; 50 years later, it has become a hub for specialty coffee production.

Production process

The harvest period was July-November 2022. The coffee underwent a washed process. After the coffee cherries were de-pulped, they were fermented in plastic sacks for 72 hours. The cherries were then washed and transferred to tunnel-shaped “solar tents” where they were laid on raised beds to dry for 15-20 days.

Pricing details

The price of specialty coffee depends on both its quality and the cost at each stage of the supply chain from seed to cup. We break down the costs of each coffee wherever possible to show our commitment to transparency and paying high prices to producers for high quality coffee.

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