House decaf

Sierra Mazateca

Baked apple, caramel and juicy mandarin

Suggested brewing methods
Pour over, AeroPress, Espresso, Stove top or French press
Best with or without milk
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Sierra Mazateca

Coffee producers: Agua Iglesia Town residents

Coffee varietal: Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon

Process: Mountain water decaf

Origin: Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico

Altitude: 1200-2000 Meters Above Sea Level

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Expect baked apple, caramel, and juicy mandarin with this decaf from Sierra Mazateca. Sierra Mazateca is a mountainous area in Oaxaca, Mexico. We sourced this coffee through ‘Raw Materials’, another ethical coffee company.

This decaf features a blend of Typica, Mundo Novo and Bourbon arabica coffee beans. These beans were put through a chemical-free decaffeination process using mountain water to wash the caffeine out. ‘Raw Materials’ work with coffee producers in the Oaxaca region in order to help improve the overall profitability and viability of coffee production by improving yields, and building stable demand and prices by connecting roasters with producers.

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