San Fernando Decaf

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Mixed varietals
Sparkling water decaf


We are excited about sharing a new House Decaf, comprising a blend of mixed arabica varieties from the San Fernando Cooperative based in the Choqesafra valley in Cusco, Peru. The coffee is decaffeinated via a chemical-free “Sparkling Water” process, which uses water to gently wash out the caffeine from the green beans. This organic process leaves untouched all the tasty characteristics of the coffee. The result is a balanced and smooth cup with chocolate and hazelnut notes and lingering caramel sweetness.

The story

We sourced this coffee through Falcon, an importer working with coffee producers in the Department of Cusco, Peru, to provide them with higher and more consistent incomes. Each member of the San Fernando Cooperative is responsible for approximately 1.5 hectares of land.

Production process

The coffee is grown in the shade (which supports the surrounding eco-system) and the members have set up irrigation processes to improve coffee yield. The harvested cherries are then taken to a centralised processing plant where they are pulped, fermented, washed and dried, after which they are evaluated.

Pricing details

The price of specialty coffee depends on both its quality and the cost at each stage of the supply chain from seed to cup. We break down the costs of each coffee wherever possible to show our commitment to transparency and paying high prices to producers for high quality coffee.

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