Samuel Munoz

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Black tea


This outstanding micro-lot was produced by Samuel Munoz, whose farm, Fundo El Progreso, is located in the Satipo Province in Junin, within the central Amazon rainforest of Peru (1600 M.A.S.L). Samuel was gifted Geisha seeds from his neighbour 15 years ago – now he dedicates a specific parcel of his farm to the cultivation of this varietal and is producing some of the best Geishas we have tasted from Peru. This elegant and complex cup has a floral sweetness reminding us of apricot and a long finish tasting of black tea.

Samuel's story

Samuel was introduced to the specialty coffee scene via a program sponsored by the European Union to support producers in Peru to transition from growing coca to coffee, in an effort to reduce domestic cocaine production. The program organised workshops for producers on improving harvesting techniques and coffee production methods. Samuel was inspired by the workshops to produce coffee of the highest quality, and introduced himself to the workshop leader, David Bisetti, one of Peru’s pioneers of specialty coffee, and a good friend of Conscious. In 2016, Samuel sent David a sample of his crop and the rest is history.

Production process

The coffee underwent a fully washed process. The cherries were picked and depulped on the same day of harvest, after which they were fermented in a concrete tank constructed specifically for fermentation. The cherries were then washed and transferred to tents where they were laid on raised beds to dry for up to 10 days.

Pricing details

The price of specialty coffee depends on both its quality and the cost at each stage of the supply chain from seed to cup. We break down the costs of each coffee wherever possible to show our commitment to transparency and paying high prices to producers for high quality coffee.

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