Coffee produced by

Miguelina Perez

Tropical fruits including melon and kiwi with a treacle sweetness and a floral fragrance.

Suggested brewing methods
Pour over, AeroPress or French press
Best without milk
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Miguelina Perez

Expect an explosion of exotic fruits such as melon and kiwi, along with subtle floral notes and a lingering treacle finish in this single-origin Geisha variety of Arabica coffee. It’s the first year that Miguelina has exported her specialty Geisha, and we’re very excited to be sharing it with you. This was made possible through our local partners in Cusco, ‘Beecause we care’.

Miguelina is a speciality coffee production leader in her community. In her local town of Santa Teresa she runs a coffee roasters with other women from the area. Her coffee farm is based in Andihuela, Cusco. This year, she has played a key role in championing the Beecause we Care project. She has done this by proactively speaking with other members of the community, and by showing them that it is possible to produce and sell speciality coffee.

Producer: Miguelina Perez

Coffee varietal: Geisha (Arabica)

Process: Washed

Origin: Paraiso alto farm, Santa Teresa, Cusco, Peru

Altitude: 2040 meters above sea level

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