Coffee produced by

Diego Bermudez

Ripe peach with wild honey and rose water

Suggested brewing methods
Filter, AeroPress or French press
Best with or without milk
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Diego Bermudez

Coffee producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez

Varietal: Castillo, Arabica

Process: Anaerobic fermentation and thermal shock washed

Origin: Bolivar, Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1700-1950 Meters Above Sea Level

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Diego Bermudez is the award-winning producer behind this unparalleled Castillo. Diego is a true innovator and works at the cutting edge of coffee production and processing. In the laboratory built on their farm, Finca El Paraiso, he and his family devise novel and scientific methodologies of coffee processing to bring out the true potential of their beans. Diego has also achieved the Coffee Quality Institute (“CQI”) Processing Course Level 2 qualification, which provided him with a launch pad for experimenting with how to influence the cup profiles of his coffees using different local micro bio-organisms, ph levels and temperature. Expect a complex cup of coffee bursting with peach and rose water!

Here is a summary of the special process for this coffee: 1) Coffee cherries are picked and washed with sterilised water to lower the microbe quantity. 2) Cherries are fermented in airtight containers for 48hrs (known as “anaerobic” fermentation) at 18°C. 3) Depulping the cherries (that is, the seeds are removed from the fruit, and the fruit is discarded). 4) The coffee seed and mucilage (the inner layer of pulp which remains around the seed after depulping) undergo a second fermentation phase in airtight containers for 48hr. Lactobacillus (a probiotic) is added to the coffee at this time. 5) Washing using a “thermal shock” process to help transfer and fix secondary aromas developed during fermentation. First phase: water at 45°C; second phase: water at 5°C. 6) Coffee is dried for 28 hours at 40°C until it is between 10-11% humidity. 7) Packed in bags and left to rest for 15 days to stabilise it. 8) Transported for processing and sorting at the dry mill before exporting to the UK.

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