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Casa Cusco

Cherry and apricot with a lingering brown sugar finish

Suggested brewing methods
Stove top, Espresso or French Press
Best with or without milk
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Casa Cusco

This is the second edition of our house espresso blend with coffee sourced through our local partnerships in Cusco, Peru. It features a bold Red Bourbon with notes of stone fruits produced by Lino Ramos and a full-bodied Typica with notes of chocolate produced by Flavia Pinares.

Lino has been proactively working to enter the speciality coffee market since 2011 when he and his two brothers planted more than 5000 arabica coffee plants on their farms in Calca, Cusco. This year, with the support of our local partners ‘The Three Monkeys’, we were able to export Lino's coffee directly from his farm to the UK. Flavia decided to become a farmer at a young age because she thought that if she grows her own food then she will never go hungry. Now she grows almost everything on her farm based in Qochapampa, Cusco, from vegetables to fruits and flowers. She is part of the environmental and community development organisation, 'Beecause we Care', who we worked with directly to export Flavia’s coffee.

90% Red Bourbon (Arabica), washed process, produced by Lino Ramos in Cusco, Peru.

10% Typica (Arabica), washed process, produced by Flavia Pinares in Cusco, Peru.

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