we're working in partnerships to make coffee equitable

Beecause we Care 365

Beecause we Care 365 is an environmental and community development organisation based in Cusco, Peru.

Led by Svetlana, seen here in green, they empower local families to thrive through sustainable environmental practices.

This is important because people from these communities are extremely vulnerable due to environmental, economic and social challenges.

Beecause we Care 365 empowers local families, and protects the environment through:

  • Education on the benefits of preserving organic farming.
  • Re-introducing bee colonies locally.
  • Education and support with speciality coffee production.
  • Supporting shared labour practices.
  • Producing food for the community.
  • Housing stray dogs.
  • Emotional support for victims of domestic violence.

We have been working directly with this project, providing educational support to farmers, and managing the exportation of speciality coffee produced by Henry Perez Camacho, Miguelina Perez, Flavia Pinares, Marina Zarate and Abelina Alvarez.

This year we paid on average, 114% more than Fairtrade prices for their green coffee.

This has been made possible with extra support from coffee expert David Bisetti.

The Three Monkeys

The Three Monkeys are a family of farmers from Cusco, Peru who pride themselves on coffee production.

We've been working directly with Neto, seen here in the open shirt and t-shirt. Neto's personal mission is to have a conscious life.

As a family they practise and provide education to other coffee producers on sustainable farming techniques, including:

  • Growing crops among one another, known as 'intergrowing', such as coffee, bananas and maize.
  • Preserving and working with ant and bee communities.
  • Growing coffee in the shade.

The Three Monkeys work together in order to produce their own coffee and to support other farmers to produce speciality coffee.

This year Neto took a key role in supporting Lino Ramos to produce speciality coffee, and export it with us. We paid Lino 98% more than the Fairtrade premium price for his green coffee.

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