Brewing guides

We designed these guides to help you start experimenting with what you enjoy.

Tools to start brewing better coffee


A standard kitchen scale that measures up to one decimal point will allow you to get your proportions right.


      A timer will aid you in stopping over extracting or under-extracting your coffee. This can mean less desired flavours and more undesired flavours.


        A burr grinder will crush your coffee to so it has a more even coarseness for your brewing. Having the correct grind coarseness also helps with better extraction.

            Brewing device and hot water

            Please read the instructions that came with your brewing device, and try it out before following our guides. We suggest using filtered water and heating it to about 91°.

              Guides to start brewing better coffee

              French Press

              1. Pour hot water into your French Press, swirl and empty.
              2. Add your coffee and 50g of water.
              3. Stir the coffee a few times and leave for 30 seconds.
              4. Pour in another 250ml of hot water.
              5. Wait 4 minutes.
              6. Remove the floating grounds from the surface.
              7. Attach the lid, plunge slowly and serve.

              V60 (Pour Over)

              1. Fold edge of filter and insert into V60.
              2. Rinse the filter.
              3. Add your freshly ground coffee.
              4. Start timer and add 30ml of boiling water, ensuring grounds are fully saturated and wait for 30 seconds.
              5. Smoothly pour just over half of the total water in a circular motion.
              6. Slowly add the remaining water, keeping the filter topped up to retain temperature in the brew.
              7. Once all 250ml of water has been added, carefully swirl the brewer to ensure all the grounds fall to the bottom of the filter.
              8. Allow coffee to draw down through the filter, aiming to have a total brew time of no more than 3 minutes.

              (Inverted) AeroPress

              1. Pour hot water into your inverted AeroPress, swirl and empty.
              2. Put a filter paper in the filter cap and rinse.
              3. Attached the plunger to level four of your inverted AreoPress.
              4. Pour your coffee into your AeroPress using the funnel.
              5. Start your timer and pour over just enough hot water to saturate all your coffee.
              6. Stir your coffee slurry  for 15 seconds.
              7. Pour in the rest of the 200g of water.
              8. Attach the filter cap with rinsed filters to the brewer.
              9. At 90 seconds, carefully flip the AeroPress over your cup, and press out all coffee.

              A couple more tips

              Moka Pot

              • Grind as fine as table salt.
              • Fill the lower chamber with very hot water just below the valve.
              • Don’t let the coffee boil in the top chamber.


                • You need to experiment with your grind coarseness. If your coffee tastes bitter you're probably grinding too fine, and if it tastes sour then you're grinding too coarse.

                There are so many types of coffee brewers in the world. If you’re brewing with a device or a machine other than the ones mentioned here and would like tips for better brews then drop us a line at