We started with friendship



Conscious with Coffee was born out of a friendship between Nestor from Peru and Culainn from the UK. We met in Cusco, Peru at the end of 2020, when Nestor walked past Culainn grinding coffee beans in a hostel hallway.

Through first hand research we discovered the sobering reality of coffee production.

It takes over two years to grow and process coffee, fifteen minutes to roast and two minutes to brew. However, Peruvian coffee farmers see less than 1% of the money made from a cup of coffee sold in a UK coffee shop. The cards are stacked against the very people we rely on to enjoy coffee.

We're working to make coffee equitable.

We're working towards an equitable supply chain where coffee prices reflect energy and work, and quality is improved through digital education and communication.

How we're working to make coffee equitable

  • Traceable coffee from seed to cup.
  • We work directly in partnerships with coffee producer and local community projects in Cusco, Peru. We also work directly with shipping and logistics companies in order to make sure we know and trust where our coffee came from and its positive impact on people and the planet.
  • Long term direct support
  • ‍‍Last harvest season we worked directly with two community projects in Cusco, Peru in order to support coffee producers to export speciality coffee to the UK for the first time. We are continuing to work with these projects this year. Find out more about our partnerships here.
  • Small batches from new speciality producers
  • This harvest season, we bought six micro-lots of coffee from six up and coming coffee producers who with our support, and the support of our partners, have been able to produce and export speciality coffee.
Learn more about our partnerships